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We Can Change Any Existing Soil Profile to Increase Water Retention and Build a Microbial Soil

As the Proverb goes a Zen Master held a jar which he filled with stones. The Master asked his student  if the jar was full and the student said "yes". The master than poured sand into the jar which filled in the spaces between the stones. The student again said the jar was full. The Master then poured water into the jar which filled every space and combined with the sand and the stones. Now if we add a plant to the jar, we will also have roots and a living organism that uses this jar as its nutrition for life.

Unfortunately, stones and sand do not make a healthy soil for plant nutrition. Unless there is microbial activity in the soil, then it is just soil and eventually the plant will die or become so weak that insects or fungus will feed upon it and it will soon perish.

As you see from the above example, the soil that our turf or plants are grown in is more than just dirt. You could add fertilizer to this soil mix and this would assist the plant in getting its nutrition but only for a short time period. When synthetic fertilizer granules dissolve in water, they move in the soil till they run out of water and reharden; sort of like the soap scum on your shower door.

To remove soap scum, you need a cleaner to dissolve the scum to wash it away. This is exactly why you need a microbial world in the soil profile to take these synthetic fertilizers and break them down to feed them back to the plant. Bacteria in the soil need N, P, K, Ca, and all the other nutrients as well, and obtain those from organic matter and from inorganic sources as well. Various species of bacteria can solubilize mineral elements from the mineral components of soil, but no one species can effectively solubilize ALL minerals. Diversity of fungi and bacteria species to obtain all the needed nutrients is required.

Often soil tests will indicate that some nutrient is in low supply, but merely by adding the appropriate bacterial or fungal species, these organisms will convert plant unavailable nutrients into plant available forms. Diversity is the key, however, as well as feeding that diverse set of species so they will perform their functions.
Both bacteria and fungi are important in holding nutrients in the soil when they would otherwise leach into deeper soil layers, and into ground water.

How do we get these bacteria and fungi into the soil profile?

We are all familiar with topdressing the turf with humates or compost, it will take many many applications of these products to get the same results as we create with a one time spike injection.

We use our injection aeration machine to also add back into the soil profile an organic based nutrient package.

We can inject one or multiple of the following:

Compost - mature compost that passes a test for bacteria and fungi

Worm Castings


Sewage Sludge


Soil Amendments required for the specific soil type

We Generate Plenty of Oxygen In the Soil for Prime Conditions of Bacteria and Fungi

What type of soil is  your landscape: clay or gumbo soil, sandy, rocky or loamy:

Realize that with all the bacterial activity in the soil, oxygen in the soil is a necessary ingredient for the soil to thrive as a living breathing ecosystem. With the introduction of hollow sand as spikes in the soil profile, as each granule of hollow sand absorbs moisture it pushes out oxygen from each granule and likewise as it releases the moisture out to the plant, it pulls oxygen back into itself. So in essence, we have a living breathing soil with the right microbial to have created the best growing conditions for plants.

If a plant is growing in healthy soil, the plant is less susceptible to fungal problems and pest problems, so we eliminate the need to keep spraying our plants for these problems. We fix the problem with the plant rather than put a band aid on the plant to keep it thriving.

If you are an organic enthusiast, then this mechanical method of installation is your one time solution to get the desired results you want today; rather than two years from now with topdressing methods. Technology has improved in the landscape industry that now we can inject these soil amendments at any ratio we desire ( x pounds per 1,000 sq ft)  and achieve immediate results.

Are you ready to  put this in your landscape today?

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