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The Root Zone


Did you know that nature makes water each day on its own. If you have ever looked at a glass of ice tea on the table and picked it up after a few minutes of it being in the outdoor air, you will see condensation on the outside of the glass; this occurs due to the temperature on the outside of the glass being below the outdoor dew point. The dew point occurs each morning in the soil as the hot sun rises each morning and starts to heat up the cooler night soil, at some point the soil reaches the outdoor dew point. When this happens, droplets of water are instantly created in the soil profile. You see this phenomenon is commonly called morning dew.

Well plant roots do not drink like we do, they only drink when they are stressed for moisture. So after about two hours , all this water in the soil profile begins to evaporate back into the atmosphere. What we need here is something that can capture this moisture in the soil and hold onto it till the plant roots need to take a drink.

Houston, we have a solution:  What if there was a hollow sand that could absorb this available moisture that is created each day and when the hollow sand is totally saturated with water it acts like normal sand and lets the excess moisture flow by each granule or evaporate?

You can take a  hammer and hit the hollow sand which is fully absorbed with water......no water comes out.

You can test the sand with a moisture meter and it has no reading.We never water log the soil with too much moisture because when the sand is saturated and full of water, it acts like regular sand and lets the excess water percolate into the deeper soil layers.

But if you simply apply a paper towel to the saturated hollow sand you will see the moisture be wicked from the hollow sand. This is exactly how plant roots work in the soil profile.

By installing the Hollow Sand  around the root balls of the plants and in the root zone of the turf areas we have created the foundation for the other technologies to piggy back and support the amended root zone of our H2O Conservation Technology Process.


Shrubs and Flowers

The H2O method is to  take Hollow Sand Spikes and install these around the root ball of each plant in the landscape. The more spikes we install the longer we can go between watering because there is more water absorbed and held in the root zone.

TURF Areas

We also mechanically inject the hollow sand throughout the turf area. We are utilizing golf course technology only taking it from the golf course and implementing it in the world of residential and commercial turf. If it works in the most grueling conditions of a golf course environment which maintain golf course turf at the shortest mowing height levels  that cause maximum water needs.

A commercial turf or residential turf is mowed at a higher mowing height thus allowing it to go longer between watering needs. Golf courses in the hot summer need to irrigate daily due to the short mowing heights, with the incorporaton of our program the daily watering requirements are only once per week to maintain the same results of the turf.

Mechanical Injection  of soil amendments into golf courses has been around for over fifteen years. In essence, it is aeration of the turf  and then filling the aeration hole with the soil amendment. H2O soil amendment is hollow sand. Imagine every three inches in the turf there is an aeration hole filled with hollow sand; at the end of the aeration their will be literally thousands of underground hollow sand reservoirs for the turf area to drink and maintain a deep lush green turf color.

From the photo above, you can see the aerated holes and the hollow sand that has been injected into the turf. These sand spikes are as deep as 8 inches and are now tiny reservoirs to drink from as the lawn is irrigated or receives rainfall.

By strategically placing the hollow sand in the soil profile the normal required amount of irrigation is drastically reduced and when we do irrigate the landscape, we are able to irrigate for a quick 5 - 15 minute watering just once per week. This reduced time period of watering and reduced time period between watering cuts the normal water volume easily by over 50%.

See a soil Sample and the Hollow Sand Column

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