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How Our Program Works

Your Monthly Outdoor Water bill is $400 dollars or greater per month. After we install our water conservation program, the cost savings of reduced water needs( cash savings) more than pay for the capital improvements of the program such that your project saves not only water but also saves you money from landscape plants, trees and turf replacement.
We guarantee you a 25% reduction in your outdoor water bill.

Step 1:

You sign a 5 year to 7 year long water conservation contract that allows  H2O Conservation Technology to manage your outdoor water needs. Your irrigation cycles are controlled by H2O Conservation Technology.
     * You pay your outdoor monthly water bill to H2O Power Technology over the term of the Agreement.
     * H2O will keep your local water company paid in full from your payment made each month
     * You will sign a certification form that allows H2O to look at your past water bill history and H2O will act on your behalf  as your representative to the local water company.
    * Your landscape maintenance company  is not allowed to use your irrigation system unless they first get permission from H2O
     * By signing this agreement, H2O warrants no trees, turf or shrubs will perish due to lack of water.
     *H2O will install their water conservation program on your property at zero upfront cost to you  assuming you are approved for financing.

Step 2:

You must have an existing irrigation system onsite.
     *If your trees  need more water, we will in turn install a drip system for the trees.
     *  If your shrub beds require more drip pipe we will install to keep the shrubs living.
     * We will inject the soil profile with a hollow sand soil amendment and change the soil profile of the project.
     * We will install outdoor rain capture systems on the property to capture rainwater or gray water from the project. These systems can be above ground or unseen underground water collection areas.
    * Each time we irrigate the project, rather than use the local water authority " tap" we will irrigate with captured rainwater. We do not need to irrigate for 30 minutes or longer as done previous to our program install, our program allow for only a once a week 15 minute irrigation cycle to create the same effects.
     * We will add "AquaGreen" humectant to the soil and flowerbed profile to offer free water from the atmosphere into the soil profiles.

The Program:

Each month your water bill is read and paid to the local water authority by H2O.
     * Every lawn in Texas market has a clay soil layer anywhere from 3  to 6 inches in the soil profile. Clay is a soil medium that expands and contracts due to available moisture.
     * In times of drought, the clay gets smaller and smaller as the rainfall never fully can recharge the clay soil with moisture due to evaporation and run off of the rain.
     * When we install our soil amendment into the turf and flowerbeds, we have tap into an already existing underground reservoir( the clay layer) that stores plenty of water to keep the landscape  fully hydrated. We create a soil matrix of a vertical column of hollow sand every 3 inches throughout the turf areas and each vertical column of hollow sand  is injected into the clay profile of the soil. Each column of sand acts like a super highway allowing the moisture from a 15 minute water irrigation application to be equal to a one hour of regular irrigation as the columns are very absorbant andwillgrabthis moisture from rain fall or irrigation.
    *As it gets hotter and hotter each day, each vertical column of hollow sand will wick out moisture from the clay layer and release this moisture back to the turf or plant roots.
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