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When you have a drought or in times of water restrictions,without the needed water to hydrate your landscape you will loose plants,trees and turf. This is a cost of normal maintenance that you can eliminate with a water conservation contract.

Did You Know That When you Cut a Tree Down, each Tree has a Value?

Below is a chart of the value of the dead plants based upon diameter of the trunk, size gallon of plant or square footage of the turf area:

TREE REPLACEMENT: ( trunk diameter)

Trunk Diameter                         Tree Replacement Value
        6 inches                            $    1,500.00
      12 inches                            $    6,000.00
      18 inches                            $  13,500.00
      24 inches                            $  24,000.00
      36 inches                            $  54,000.00
      42 inches                            $  73,500.00
      48 inches                            $  96,000.00
      54 inches                            $121,500.00
      60 inches                            $150,000.00
      72 inches                            $216,000.00

SHRUB REPLACEMENT: ( gallon size of plant)

Gallon Size                    Shrub Replacement Value
3 gallon                                   $25.00
5 gallon                                   $40.00
7 gallon                                   $65.00
15 gallon                                 $170.00
30 gallon                                 $260.00
45 gallon                                 $425.00

TURF REPLACEMENT: ( per pallet of sod)

1 Pallet of St Augustine(450 sq ft)              $175.00
1 Pallet of Bermuda Sod                             $200.00
1 Pallet of Zoysia Sod                                  $315.00             

As you look at your property, why not set it under a water conservation program that also guarantees that none of your trees or shrubs or turf will perish due to lack of moisture. Yes, you save on water costs of your project, but you as a property manager can also save on turf replacement, plant replacement and tree replacement just by implementing our water conservation program.

Go back to your landscape expenses for the past few years and add up all the replacement of landscape turf, shrubs or trees. Once you see how large this expense is at, you will see even more the benefit of a water  conservation program.


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